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The implementation of the new curriculum for excellence offers a great opportunity for developing partnerships with schools throughout Scotland.
Our workshops compliment the aims and values of the new curriculum, and we are passionate about supporting schools in developing an enthusiasm and motivation for learning, helping foster confident individuals with health and wellbeing at the core of education, and for creating responsible citizens and effective contributors. As each player and each instrument in the orchestra relate to one another to create the music, many of the core learning experiences of the new curriculum are embodied in our work.

While our workshops are designed to support the Experiences and Outcomes the Curriculum for Excellence in the following curriculum areas, we are capable of adapting workshops to meet individual schools needs and we are happy to tailor make a workshop to look at cross curricular links. Please get in touch to discuss this further



Drumfun enables children to experience the inspiration and power of the arts, recognises and nurtures children's creative and aesthetic talents, allows children to develop skills and techniques, and provides opportunities for schools to enhance and enrich the child's learning through the partnership and specialist skills that we can provide

Our workshops will help you deliver on the following outcomes:

EXA 0-01a / EXA 1-01a / EXA 2-01a / EXA 3-01a / EXA 3-01b / EXA 4-01a
Experiencing the energy and excitement of presenting, performing and being part of an audience.
Our workshops often culminate with a whole school performance in which each and every child and member of staff gets to experience and be a part of a dynamic and exciting percussion ensemble.

EXA 0-08a / EXA 1-08a / EXA 2-08a / EXA 3-08a / EXA 0-09a / EXA 1-09a / EXA 2-09a / EXA 0-10a / EXA 2-10a
Having opportunities to express ideas, through dance, rhythm and movement. Learning sequences and expolring dances from different cultures.
Many of our drum circle games involve the children in creating improvised movements and dances to accompany the rhythms and dynamics of the music that we create. We place a high value on providing a safe and supportive environment in which the children can feel confident to express themselves through movement and rhythm.

EXA 0-12a / EXA 1-12a / EXA 2-12a / EXA 0-13a / EXA 1-13a / EXA 2-13a / EXA 0-14a / EXA 1-14a / EXA 2-14a
Using drama and improvisation to explore ideas, situations and feelings. Using voice ,movement and expression to explore situations, communicate and express ideas.
Our workshops offer opportunities for using drama and movement to enhance the enjoyment of the music making experience. Playfulness and fun are key elements in our workshops, we often bring out the silly hats and tutu's to encourage drama to accompany the music!

EXA 0-16a / EXA 1-16a / EXA 2-16a / EXA 3-16a / EXA 4-16a / EXA 0-17a / EXA 1-17a / EXA 2-17a / EXA 3-17a / EXA 4-17a / EXA 0-18a / EXA 1-18a / EXA 2-18a / EXA 4-18a / EXA 0-19a / EXA 1-19a / EXA 2-19a / EXA 3-19a / EXA 4-19a
Exploring a range of different instruments and developing vocal skills to express ideas and be creative. To gain inspiration and enjoyment from group music making, developing performances, using imagination and musical skills to create compositions, listening and reflecting and evaluating on music, experiencing music from different cultures, and exploring sound, rhythm, pitch and dynamics.


Drumfun workshops help develop children's self-awareness, their self-worth and respect for others. The drum circle offers children the chance to interact with one another in a way that builds relationships, trust and inter-relatedness. Group drumming builds confidence and self esteem, and the 'feel good factor' helps nurture a sense of well being in each child. Through the challenges of making decisions and acting for the good of the team, children get to experience, in the drum circle, how their actions and decisions affect others and their own sense of being part of the team. We are often brought in as part of a health week programme, and our workshops actively promote a healthy lifestyle which is so core to the new curriculum. The drum circle is a community of music and so the children get to experience the power of unity through diversity. Our facilitators are caring and supportive people who have a wealth of training and hands on experience with children both in and out of school settings.

Our workshops will help you deliver on the following outcomes:

HWB 0-04a / HWB 1-04a / HWB 2-04a / HWB 3-04a / HWB 4-04a
HWB 0-05a / HWB 1-05a / HWB 2-05a / HWB 3-05a / HWB 4-05a
HWB 0-10a / HWB 1-10a / HWB 2-10a / HWB 3-10a / HWB 4-10a
HWB 0-11a / HWB 1-11a / HWB 2-11a / HWB 3-11a / HWB 4-11a
HWB 0-12a / HWB 1-12a / HWB 2-12a / HWB 3-12a / HWB 4-12a
HWB 0-13a / HWB 1-13a / HWB 2-13a / HWB 3-13a / HWB 4-13a
HWB 0-14a / HWB 1-14a / HWB 2-14a / HWB 3-14a / HWB 4-14a
HWB 0-15a / HWB 1-15a / HWB 2-15a / HWB 3-15a / HWB 4-15a
Understanding that thoughts and feelings can change in different situations, developing a greater sense of one's own behaviour, building positive relationships and respect for one's self and for others. Recognising that each person has individual talents and gifts to give, encouraging each other, caring, sharing and contributing to the whole. Developing a greater sense of the human body and how to make positive changes that encourage self worth, health and well being.
There have been many studies done on the positive effect of group drumming on health and well being, and it is widely recognised in music therapy that drumming reduces stress levels and builds positive health and well being. At Drumfun, our main mission is to provide safe and supportive environments for people to express themselves creatively. Our school workshops not only provide physical activity (drumming, dancing, body percussion), but provide opportunities for children to improve their mental health and to develop the necessary social skills that will support them in life. The drum circle is a metaphor for community. Each instrument and each rhythm has a role to play in supporting the group 'song'. Drumming together in this way builds positive relationships, helps individual children feel good about themselves and provides the body and mind with exercise that is fun and exciting.

HWB 0-19a / HWB 1-19a / HWB 2-19a / HWB 0-20a / HWB 1-20a
Taking part in a range of activities and events, recognising individual skills and abilities, learning about career options and the wider world of work.
Taking part in a Drum circle, the children get to experience what it is they are good at, what things they enjoy and what roles they feel comfortable in. Drumfun works in partnership with Careers Scotland on a number of careers based events and we love to encourage children to follow their passion.
One of our favourite quotes is:
'Do not ask what the world needs, rather, ask yourself what makes you come alive, because what the world needs is people who have come alive' Harold Thurman


Physical Education
HWB 0-21a / HWB 1-21a / HWB 2-21a / HWB 3-21a / HWB 4-21a / HWB 0-22a / HWB 1-22a / HWB 2-22a / HWB 3-22a HWB 0-23a / HWB 1-23a / HWB 2-23a / HWB 3-23a / HWB 4-23a
Physical fitness, personal and interpersonal skills, participation in physical activity, physical well being, taking part in purposeful, challenging, progressive and enjoyable physical activities. Exploring the human body and developing patterns, sequences, control and flow. Working with others and developing co-operation, turn taking and sharing, being able to contribute to a supportive environment, in leadership and participation.
Our workshops often begin with brain gym type activities and body percussion, movement based rhythm patterns. These can be challenging for the children, yet enjoyable and very rewarding once mastered. These patterns are important to help develop the children's movement and co-ordination skills. Some of the drumming patterns can be quite complex and children love to master these patterns and achieve a sense of physical and mental well being once achieved.


Physical Activity and Health
HWB 0-28a / HWB 1-28a
Being aware of how physical activity contributes to health and well being.
After a Drumfun workshop, it can be a very rewarding activity for class teachers to reflect with the children on how they feel following their period of physical and social activity.


Developing a love for language is helped when children have opportunities to communicate, collaborate and build relationships and develop an understanding of what is special, vibrant and valuable about their own and other cultures' languages. Having opportunities to explore the richness and diversity of language, enriching vocabulary through listening, and enjoying exploring word patterns and text structures are important learning experiences set out in the new curriculum

Our workshops will help you deliver on the following outcomes:


Listening and talking
LIT 0-01a / LIT 0-11a / LIT 0-20a / LIT 0-01c / LIT 0-02a / ENG 0-03a / LIT 1-02a / LIT 2-02a / LIT 3-02a / LIT 4-02a / ENG 1-03a / LIT 1-04a / LIT 2-04a / LIT 1-06a/ LIT 2-10a / LIT 3-10a / LIT 0-09b / LIT 0-31a
Exploring patterns and sounds in texts, events and characters in stories. Taking turns in listening and talking, engaging with others appropriately. Contributing and listening, exploring different features of language, identifying key themes in texts and using them for different purposes. Organising words in sequence and developing confidence when speaking and engaging with others.
Our schools workshops offer opportunities for discussion, listening and turn taking. Often with the younger age groups we will begin with telling a story, followed by a short discussion on the story and then proceeding to interpret the story through music, rhythm and rhyme.


The relationship between drumming, rhythm patterns and mathematics helps schools deliver on the curriculum experiences of: developing an understanding of the concepts, principles and processes of mathematics and applying these in different contexts, engaging with more abstract mathematical concepts, understanding the application of mathematics and developing numeracy skills.

Our workshops will help you deliver on the following outcomes:

MNU 0-01a / MNU 0-02a / MNU 0-07a / MTH 1-07c / MNU 2-07a / MTH 0-13a / MTH 1-13a / MTH 1-13b /MNU 1-20a / MTH 1-21a / MTH 2-21a / MTH 3-21a / MNU 4-20a
Developing a sense of size, using numbers to create sequences, sharing and splitting the whole into smaller parts, understanding fractions through practical activities, exploring and copying patterns and sequences, creating patterns, exploring and interpreting ways in which data is presented and using charts, tables and diagrams to display data.
When working with a group of children over a longer period of time, we can explore in depth how rhythm and music are directly related to patterns and structure. Starting with simple fractions of 4 or 8, children can make up their own rhythms using a variety of tones, sounds or body percussion parts and when working with secondary pupils we can explore the inter - weaving relationships of the 3/4 or 6/8 time signatures. When exploring mathematical patterns in this way, children can find themselves becoming motivated and inspired to understand maths in a new and fresh way.


Our workshops offer children experiences that can help them develop respect for others, explore and establish values, attitudes and life skills that will help them to establish a firm foundation for lifelong learning, further learning and adult life.

Our workshops will help you deliver on the following outcomes:

RME 0-02a / RME 3-02b / RME 0-05a / RME 3-05b / RME 0-07a / 1-07a / RME 2-07a / RME 3-07a / RME 4-07a / RME 0-09a / RME 3-09b / RME 1-09b / RME 2-09c / RME 1-09c / RME 2-09d
Developing an understanding of what's fair and unfair, recognising the importance of caring, sharing and co-operating with others, participating in events and projects which promote positivity, developing respect for others and an understanding of the importance of values and how they affect actions.
Our workshops promote positivity, team work, co-operation and sharing. We highlight the importance of working together as a team, with respect for each other, as being a crucial part in making the music successful and fun. If behavioural issues crop up in the session, we can use these as opportunities to explore how such behaviour affects others, and how by developing core values such as trust and a willingness to share we can overcome our inhibitions and make positive change for ourselves and others.


Although not directly linked to the curriculum in this area, our workshops do contain an element of supporting the curriculum experiences in the following ways: by providing children with an opportunity to develop an understanding of the earth's resources and the need for responsible use of them; in helping learners develop an understanding of how forces can influence objects; the nature of sound, and in using musical instruments to explore the relationship between vibrations and sound produced.

Our workshops will help you deliver on the following outcomes:

SCN 0-07a / SCN 0-11a / SCN 1-11a
Through play, recognising simple forces and their effects, exploring a variety of ways of making sounds and changing pitch.
Children are fascinated by the drum, how it is made, how it produces the sounds that it does, and why does it hurt their hand?! By explaining the nature of the sound and the vibrations of the skin and its effect on the air in the chamber of the drum we are introducing younger children to scientific concepts in a fun and non -scientific environment.


We are currently developing a workshop for small groups that incorporates the use of a music making software programme to enable the children to have a go at making musical compositions using technology. This workshop will support the curriculum experiences of helping children gain the confidence and skills to embrace and use technologies, and broaden their understanding of the role that ICT has in the modern world.

This workshop will help you deliver on the following outcomes:

TCH 0-01a / TCH 0 -03a / TCH 0-04b / TCH 1-04a / TCH 2-04a / TCH 1-04b / TCH 2-04b / TCH 0-11a
Playing and exploring technology and software, recording, creating capturing and manipulating sounds to communicate experiences and ideas, experimenting with features and functions of technology to support learning.
Please contact us if you would like more information on this, or any other workshop.


As we predominantly use drums from West Africa, our workshops help broaden children's understanding of the world by learning about human activities and help them develop an understanding of the beliefs and values of other cultures.

Our workshops will help you deliver on the following outcomes:

SOC 2-04a / SOC 0-17a / SOC 1-18a / SOC 2-19a
Comparing and contrasting different societies and cultures and making decisions and taking responsibility for those decisions while showing consideration for others.
We always take a little time to explain to the children the history and cultural significance of the drums that we use and encourage the children to partake in the activity with the understanding that group drumming has a significant role in history and has been used throughout cultures to celebrate and build community. Our workshops also offer opportunities for children to make decisions regarding their role within the group. We place an emphasis on taking responsibility for our choices as our choices affect the group and so showing consideration for others is of paramount importance if the music is to be right.

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