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To find out the latest news from Drumfun HQ please visit our Social Media pages, or to enjoy some stories form the archive browse below and in the news archive page

Headteacher Retirement

Posted 22nd October 2013

Back in the summer of 2013, we spent the night drumming with a small group of primary 7 aged children in a tipi in the Scottish Highlands. We told stories, played games and drummed well into the night. At the end of the night when the teacher asked if any of the children had any questions, one girl asked 'How many drums do you have?'. To which I replied 'over 300, and an extra 500 percussion!' Her first response was 'WOW!', and then soon after,'…..WHY?'.
I began to describe a typical week for Drumfun, maybe we might be at a conference event drumming with delegates to help them get re-energised, or at a school assembly where everyone in the school will be drumming at the same time. At this point the children (and teachers) became very excited, and started to ask if we could come to their school to let them partake in the 'Big Drum Experience!'.
A week or two later I got a call from the headteacher who asked if I could come at the end of term to drum with the whole school as a celebration for her last day at school after working there for 18 years! Needles to say, the answer was yes, and so on the 4th October 2013, me and around 300 children from Crossford primary school, Fife, said a huge thankyou, goodbye and good luck to Mrs Tweedie as she stepped into her well earned retirement!

crossford school drumming

STV appeal

Posted 21st September 2012

Friday 7th September saw Drumfun and Milton of Leys Primary school, get together for a 6 hour non stop Drumathon! We keept the beat going throughout the entire school day and raised over £500 for the STV appeal to help alleviate child poverty in Scotland! Well done Kids, and staff...you were FAB!!
Click here to see the news item!


Posted 31st December 2011

December 2011 brings us to the close of what's been one of the busiest and most fun years for Drumfun. Along with all of the schools and community work, there has been a notable increase in the latter half of the year, of corporate events and trainings. In October, Steve flew out to Florida as part of the Instant Teamwork team of facilitators for the GSK International leadership conference. This event was such a joy to be a part of and the atmosphere and energy of the conference was definitely lifted by our involvement. Over 5 days we worked with 900 leaders and used our interactive rhythm programme to help the delegates build on leadership qualities, help them to overcome limiting self beliefs & to nurture and develop a sense of people power and the power of team. This culminated in a closing ceremony that raised the roof and sent everyone home with a real sense of achievement and positive energy. A huge thanks to Tom Morley from Instant Teamwork for having me on the team, and I look forward to doing it all again in Brussels in 2012!

Another nice collaboration throughout November, was to work with Dave and Gillian from Wildthinking, delivering fun and interactive team building sessions for the crew of the Hans Noble Duel offshore rig. Over 4 weeks, in both Dundee and Aberdeen we played with a real diverse and international crew of around 200 people, and got some great grooves going and helped create a sense of ease and relaxation amongst the members of the team.

Our schools programme has continued to thrive and as the curriculum for excellence becomes more and more embedded in the system, there are many more opportunities for cross curricular links and specific and relevant learning outcomes of drumming together in a group. As we approach 2012, we are looking at developing a teacher training resource with Edinburgh council promoting music and literacy in the early years, and are looking forward to a tour of schools in Dumfries and Galloway working with themes of global citizenship and health & well being.

So, all that's left to say for now is a huge thanks to all of the hundreds and thousands of people who have played with us this year and helped make it a year to remember.
Our records show 109 events, 400 workshops, and 16,000 drummers!
.......Bring on 2012!



The Rhythm lives on!

Posted 16th June 2011

What a wonderful first half of the year it's been. In less than 6 months we have drummed with close to 10,000 people throughout Scotland and delivered around 300 workshops in schools, hospitals, recovery centres, community groups, corporate trainings & conferences. One particular event that stands out is the presentation we did on Music and Literacy at the early year's conference (Edinburgh and Lothian council) at the Hibs stadium, Edinburgh. Feedback from the event was great, and it was a real joy to present to such an enthusiastic audience, and to be able to bring rhythm activities to early years staff in such a meaningful and accessible way was a real pleasure.
We are looking into developing further our work in schools with the development of a CPD pack for teaching staff to deepen our work in the classroom. More on this later!

In May, Steve presented at the Northern Lights education conference in Findhorn which was themed 'embodied wisdom'. Dorota and Joan did a wonderful job of making the conference such a positive and vibrant event. Steve's role was as energiser after lunch. He gave the delegates a brief taster of the work he is involved in in schools and quickly had all delegates on their feet creating funky rhythms and interacting with one another in a way that embodied the learning of teamwork, citizenship & contribution.

Another event that sticks out is the event we did at the Glasgow Arches just last week with the corporation Diageo. This particular corporate drumming event was such a blast! The 75 strong staff of Diageo that night certainly let their hair down as we facilitated them to celebrate one another and their organisation through rhythm! We had a strong team made up of Steve, Stuart, Fiona and Nicola and it didn't take long for the grooves to lock into place and for the party to begin! Big thanks also to Sharon from Joyworks for coming along to take some film.

There's lots more I could share with you, but for now enjoy the movie of the Diageo event see and we hope we can bring our joy of rhythm to an event near you soon!

corporate drumming workshop

Happy New Year!

Posted 7th January 2011

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over 6 months since our last news update! Sorry about that folks! It has been such a busy time with sessions in schools, businesses, charities, community groups, special needs and hospitals. The Drumfun tour for the latter half of the year took us all over Scotland, with most of the work being in Dundee, Edinburgh, Perth and Kinross and Moray. In August, Steve took a break while Stuart, Dougie and Pete did the corporate teambuilding and Carla covered the community group sessions.

A large part of our work these last few months has been delivering the first half of a 46 primary school tour of Moray, funded by the Youth Music Initiative (YMI). This particular project has seen us drum with over 1500 pupils in 19 schools, with another 27 schools to go in 2011! As part of this project Steve delivered a staff training session to demonstrate how our drum workshops link in with the aims and values of the new curriculum for excellence in Scottish Schools. You can see the video on the Drumfun video page or at the bottom of the update. You can also see how our drumming workshops help children to become confident individuals, successful learners, effective contributors and responsible citizens by looking at our curriculum for excellence page.

A big thanks goes to Jimmy McGeachy of Clyde Data for all his hard work developing and sustaining the Drumfun database. A new application on the system lets us know all the vital statistics at one click of a button, so here goes:

From July to December 2010, at Drumfun, we held 199 sessions over 52 days, drummed with 5,944 children and 761 adults making a grand total of 6,705 happy drummers!!


Steve x

p.s. you can follow our moves on Facebook . Just click on the link and click ‘Like’, and you’ll be kept up to date with all our news and grooves!


Girl Guides Centenary Celebration

Posted 10th June 2010

The 28th May saw Steve travel to the Auchengillan Outdoor Centre, Glasgow for the East Renfrewshire Annual Girl Guide Camp. 2010 is a special occasion as the Girl Guides are celebrating their centenary year. For this occasion, Drumfun was invited to lead the opening ceremony for the camp, and was given the theme of Black Eyed Peas' 'I've got a feeling'.

After much careful planning and collaboration with the fantastic Kat Fulton from Sound Health Music , we soon worked out the boomwhacker bass line for the groove, and had a fantastic evening planned for the girls. We began with some body percussion, a bit of Queens 'We Will Rock You', and then we began to layer in the boomwhacker groove.
The result was a fantastic energy and excitement as the Girls gave their all to the process of recreating the Black Eyed Peas on the boomwhackers. Drumfun was quickly booked up for the centenary finale in October, and we very much look forward to working with the Girls again.

girl guide event

1500 People at the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow

Posted 24th May 2010

Earlier this month, Steve gave a conference ice breaker session at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow and had 1500 people singing and clapping in rhythmical union.
The opening ice breaker session was intended as an opportunity for all the staff members of three of Glasgow's colleges (College of Nautical Studies, Glasgow Metropolitan College and Central College Glasgow) to come together in one unified voice to create a harmonious, unifying and welcoming start to their new creation of the 'City of Glasgow College'.
As this was the first conference of the new merged college, the atmosphere was one of uncertainty, but Steve soon had the delegates clapping, stamping, moving and laughing as he warmed them up ready for their big song.
Steve then taught the delegates three parts to the African Welcome song 'Fanga Alafia' and delegated a part to each of the three colleges. The result was 3 colleges singing 3 parts in harmony with one another. This was the perfect metaphor for the changes that are taking place in the merger and the energy of the hall was lifted as 1500 people sang in unison and began their new creation in a truly creative way!

conference ice breaker Conference Ice breaker

Spring has sprung!

Posted 15th April 2010

So here we are Spring 2010! The last few months have been a fairly nicely balanced palate of schools, teacher trainings, conferences & community events, taking us far and wide through the West Highlands, Glasgow, Dundee, Edinburgh and Inverness. Now that Spring is here, we are getting ready for our busy period! We have a conference next week, a few teambuilds in the pipeline, some Youth projects and a good number of both primary, and secondary schools, coming up.
Over the last few months, the Drumfun Van has been putting in a lot of miles through the ice and snow, and we're looking forward to docking the shades and grooving up and down the A9 for the Spring and Summer tour.
As you have probably noticed you can now follow Drumfun of Facebook and be the first to hear of any news and events.
Thanks loads to all of you out there who are following us, and we hope to see you in the Drum Circle real soon!

After Dinner Drumming!

Posted 8th December 2009

Bonfire night 2009 was an extra special night for the members of the Drumfun and Wassyla team. We were invited to make a special guest appearance for the after dinner entertainment slot at the annual Angus Soft Fruits conference, held at Piperdam, Dundee.
The evening entertainment slot began with a high energy Djembe and Djun Djun drumming performance from the team, followed by a 20 minute interactive drumming slot, in which the delegates at the conference were each given a drum or percussion instrument. The 120 strong dinner party soon got into full groove, and so the party began! Following the interactive drumming workshop, we passed out colourful percussion tubes (boomwhackers tm), and soon got a 6 part harmonious rhythm in full swing, with each coloured boomwhacker beating the rhythm of a specific product from the company. The result was a colourful, melodic, rhythm in which everyone had their part to play. We conga'd our way to the back of the room and finished, in true bonfire night style, with a BANG!
Many thanks to Jill Orr for organising Drumfun's involvement in the conference, and a special thanks to Stuart Dinwoodie and the Wassyla team for their involvement on the night.
We have made a short video clip of the evening, which you can enjoy here, or on our video page

after dinner drummer Wassyla drummer

Click here to go to the home of Angus soft fruits ltd.


Posted 22nd September 2009

I thought I'd write a wee report on the comings and goings of Drumfun this month, as it's been very busy and I've not had time to write any news items for ages!
Following a busy summer with out of school clubs and community groups, once the schools went back, we kick started the new term with a corporate event in Glasgow for ICS ltd. The event was inspired by the recent appearance of a group of drummers on the popular BBC2 programme - Dragons Den. The client thought it would be a great idea to build their team with an interactive drumming session, only problem was though that the Hotel didn't want us to make any noise! So instead Steve brought along his boomwhakers and shaky eggs and transformed the 80 strong team into a colourful multi percussion ensemble.
Following that we had a couple of events in our old homestead of Farr, one a wedding and another a team build event, this time with a group of doctors, practitioners and admin staff from a local medical practice. It must have been the season for outdoor events, as not long after the team build in the log cabin at Farr, Steve was invited down to a small village in between Dundee and Perth to raise awareness for a group of locals from Monimail who are looking to fund raise to buy a piece of woodland for their community. This was a truly wonderful day, the sun shone and the locals came and brought all of their enthusiasm and we jammed around a fire, played drums and xylophone, cooked popcorn and built community through rhythm.
We kicked September off with a bang at a Highland Council gathering at Eden Court. Members of the council's Education, Culture & Sport body met with recent school leavers to discuss their experiences of school and how improvements could be made. The after lunch drumming session was just what the group needed to re-energise and re-focus ready for the afternoon's work.
We have recently completed a tour of the Central belt, in which we were with both primary and secondary schools in Edinburgh, Linlithgow and Hamilton. Straight after that we were over in Aberdeen shire for a day with a group of P7's from Alford primary: doing the Haka; making Poi and playing Titi Torea (A Maori stick game) - all part of their current Maori school project.
The second half of September sees us up in Golspie, Sutherland, Inverness, Aviemore and back in Dundee for more workshops in schools with a few corporate events coming up in early October.

Location Location!

Posted 10th August 2009

At the end of July 2009 Drumfun moved premises from our country cottage in Farr to our lovely new home and office in the delightful town of Forres, Moray.

We have been based in the Highlands since 2000 and this move represents a new and exciting time for Drumfun. We will continue to serve all of our customers, schools and community organisations in the Highlands and throughout the rest of Scotland, and in addition this move will allow us to introduce our work in more depth to the community groups, schools and businesses located in Moray and Grampian region.

The move went well with no technical hitches, and we are currently in the process of informing our database of over 1000 customers with our new contact details and phone number.

May I take this time to personally thank the Highlands for being such a wonderful home for all these years, and for providing such fertile ground for our business to grow.

Nappy Bucket Drumming!

Posted 30th April 2009

On 28th April Steve was asked to provide a drumming and making activity for the Highland Real Nappy Project. The event was held at Inverness Leisure and was very well attended, with over 60 families coming for what was a fun packed and lively event. For the first hour, Steve involved the children in making and decorating drums using old nappy buckets. The children, with a little help from their Mums and Dads also made and decorated beaters for the drums. All this was to stand in good stead for what was about to happen!
After the nappy fashion show (yes, wee tots parading on a fully lit stage in their nappy finest - very cute!), they all gathered in the Drum corner to play their drums and sing fun songs. Steve, (rather stupidly), began a game of pretending to fall asleep and the children found much fun in waking him up with the loudest possible drumming they could do! This resulted in much laughter and soon a big crowd had drawn to 'watch the show'. Anyone who has experience with this age group will know, once you start a game, it is very hard to stop it.....they just wanted more and more, and the joke appeared to be getting funnier and funnier (the law of diminishing returns just wasn't kicking in!). Needless to say after nearly 20 minutes of this, Steve was no longer 'pretending' to be tired!
The day was a great success and after eventually finishing off the game and a few more songs it was time to clear up the mess and head for home!

Many thanks to Marion Macdonald from HRNP for organising the day, If you would like to see the wonders of the modern day reusable nappy you can visit their web site at www.hrnp.org.uk

Steve Drums for 8,000 people in Malaga, Spain

Posted 18 March 2009

At the end of February 2009, Steve flew off to Malaga to join a team of 9 other U.K drummers who had been asked to provide entertainment for the crowd of 8,000 people at the forever living products rally in Malaga. The team was put together by the wonderful Somesh at Drumjam London, who had worked previously for the company at a smaller conference in the U.K last year.
We were given 3, 10 minute slots on the stage and each one was an amazing and powerful drumming experience. We involved the crowd in simple chanting and clapping, and we recieved fantastic feedback from the event organisers.
Many thanks to Somesh for getting the whole thing going and a huge thanks to the rest of the team for making it such a fun experience.

malaga 2009

Click here for Steve's feature in the press and journal, and here for the MFR breakfast show interview!

Drum Circle Facilitators Gathering, Nottingham 2009

Posted 23rd January 2009

On the 16th January at the headquarters of the Therapuetic Drumming Foundation, Nottingham, the U.K collective of Drum Circle Facilitators gathered together for a sharing of ideas, discussions on matters relating to our work, and of course a good old play! The weekend was very well attended, with facilitators coming from London, Devon, Leeds, Nottingham, Reading, Inverness, Edinburgh, Newcastle, and many other towns and cities throughout the U.K.
The weekend was a huge success and was a real pleasure to be a part of. Many ideas were shared, songs sung, games played, tea drunk and the whole weekend culminated in a fantastic 60 plus community drum circle which was co facilitated by all of us!
Many thanks to all of you wonderful folk who bring the joy of drumming to your communities. What a wonderful and supportive community we are!

drumming gathering

Drum Therapy training, Castlecraig Hospital for recovering addicts

Posted 5th November 2008

5 Years ago, Steve visited Castlecraig hospital for recovering addicts and led drum therapy sessions for the primary and extended care patients. The sessions went so well, that the management at Castlecraig asked Steve to deliver training to members of staff and buy drums and percussion to help set up a dum circles as part of the patients programme of recovery. Since that time the drum circle at Castlecraig has been going from strength to strength and is now looking at offering a new additional monthly circle to the programme. In November this year Steve visited the hospital again to deliver another round of staff training to 5 of the therapists at the hospital. The day was a huge success and both staff and patients had a fantastic day. The training took the form of both interactive and experiential drum and percussion activities, discussion and theory on the philosophy of improvisation and the benefits of drum circles in a therapy setting, and a sharing of games, songs rhythms and exercises that we have deloped over the last 8 years. The day at the hospital rounded of a exhilarating week of touring the Edinburgh region, doing workshops in some of the local primary schools.
Check out the short video clip on the video's page (at the bottom). It captures beautifully the energy and enthusiasm for drumming that the staff and patients had. They were indeed a real blessing to work with. Many Thanks to you all for such a wonderful day!.

Click here to visit the Castlecraig web site.

Schools workshops, Isle of Skye

Posted 5th November 2008

Despite the snow and driving winds, on the 28th October the Drumfun van headed off for the Isle of Skye for what turned out to be three most wonderful days in local primary and secondary schools (followed by relaxing evenings on John and Helens croft!)
We had visited all of the schools last year as part of the Highland year of culture, and they had all promtly booked us for a return visit this year. We introduced our new schools format with plenty of opportunity for improvisation and group poly rhythm. The quality of the drumming was outstanding as was the enthusiasm of both teachers and pupils.
Many thanks to John and Helen for housing us in their wonderful cottage, and also a big thanks to Gordon and John at the primary schools for welcoming us and helping co-ordinate the tour. Special thanks also to Mrs Wright for all her patience and hard work in co-ordinating the day at the High school in Portree. What a great day we had!

Keep an eye out for some pictures, but meanwhile here's a short video clip of the P3,4,5 class at Broadford (voted class of the week!)
(note: you will need to have Flash Player installed to view the video.)

In Service day Staff Training for local Special needs school

Posted 2nd November 2008

The first day back from the October two week break saw Steve and his merry gang of African drums and percussion head off to Dingwall for an In service day training with the wonderful staff of St. Clements special school. The team consisted of a mix of new members of staff along with staff members who had been at the school for a long time. We began with our usual warm ups along with a few new ones (thanks to Somesh - DrumJam - for the brain gym exercises!) to get the group relaxed and having fun. After getting to grips with some small hand held percussion, we swiftly moved onto the drums and began creating our own in the moment orchestra. This group really came alive when we gave them the opportunity to expore their own rhythms and be creative - the energy shifted and the magic happened... resulting in spontaneous dancing and cheering!
Many thanks to Maureen for making it happen and despite the intense snow, you will be pleased to know that Steve did get home and then off to the Isle of Skye later that day.

Special needs staff team build Special needs staff trainingSpecial needs staff in service day

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Aberdeen Teambuild for NHS dentists

Posted 2nd October 2008

On 1st October we travelled to Aberdeen for what turned out to be a most enjoyable morning with a small group of dentists from Aberdeen. We were drafted in to help the team connect and build a sense of community as the team had undergone a lot of changes in recent times. The drumming was a kept as a suprise for the team, and all of the team members seemed happy at the prospect of having their team away day indoors! We began with games and exercises to help make the team feel relaxed and comfortable with rhythm, we then moved onto the African drums and it wasn't long before we were sounding like a true drumming group. We progressed onto percussion and finished the day with a multi drum and percussion ensemble with the group making their own improvised, in the moment music. It was a truly fantastic morning and the feedback was excellent.
Many thanks to Wendy from Dundee Dental Eduction for inviting us to be a part of the day, and special thanks to Lesley for taking the photos and video footage.

drumming team building drum fun team build

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Click here to view a short video of our day

GCNS Conference, Glasgow

Posted 2nd September 2008

On 21st August, Steve and Oli were invited to open and close the first college conference held by the Glasgow College of Nautical Studies at the royal concert hall in Glasgow. The event was a great success and it wasn't long before we had turned the 350 conference delegates into an intricate polyrhythmical orchestra.
After setting the scene for a fun and interactive day, we continued to 'play our part' as we used a series of drum calls to notify the delegates of when they were to change rooms, and to encourage them to 'keep in time' with the programme for the day.
The highlight of the day came at the end when we transformed the conference into a colourful, musical and rhythmical celebration with each delegate playing their rhythms on their own 'boomwhacker' percussion tube, The sound was one to remember as each person played their part to contribute to the powerful sound of the whole. It was a perfect way to end the day and a perfect demonstration of the power of team work.
Many thanks to the team at GCNS for organising such a great day, and to Anne Mcann of the Change Navigators for such an excellent facilitation of the day.

Conference icebreaker oli in actionconference icebreaker 2

Click here to go to the college website or here to visit the Anne's 'Change Navigators'

Click here to view a short video clip of the day.

Summer Samba for Aberdeen teambuild

Posted 6th July 2008

Summer certainly started with a bang for Drumfun, and after the busy day at the Edinburgh team build on the 1st July (see below), the 2nd was spent with Steve facilitating local community groups in hometown Inverness, while Edinburgh based facilitator, Olivia Furness was busy transforming a group of executives from Shell Oil company into a Summer Samba Band. The teambuilding event was held at Woodbank House, Aberdeen and the drumming was one of many activities organised on the day by corporate event organisers Team Challenge Company. Olivia facilitated 3 groups, each of 30 and had only 40 minutes to turn them into a Rio sounding carnival band! Each of the groups excelled themselves and with the help of the sunshine, were able to play outdoors in true Brazilian style!
What better way to start the summer

Click here to visit the Team Challenge Company website.

NHS Edinburgh Teambuild

Posted 6th July 2008

On the 1st July, Steve and Liz were invited to run a team building day with a small group of staff for the NHS Quality Improvement Scotland team based in Edinburgh. The day was another fantastic opportunity to facilitate our unique day long programme involving group drumming exercises led by Steve and group processing of the activities facilitated by Liz.
The day was a tremendous success and the feedback from the day was some of the best we've had yet. All the team members put 100% in and were rewarded with the creation of a very fun and funky rhythm orchestra. The team left feeling energised, refreshed, invigorated and a much stronger unit than they had been just 6 hours previous!
A big thanks to all of the team for making the day so much fun, and for giving us all jaws sore with laughter. You were great!

Edinburgh team build Edinburgh team buildEdinburgh team build

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If you go down to the woods today

Posted 22nd June 2008

On 19th June Drumfun were invited to Dunain Community woodland to work with the primary 7 classes from nearby Muirown Primary School to develop a short performance on their new woodland xylophones. The xylophones were made by our sister company 'Singing Trees' and were installed on the day with the help from pupils from Charleston Acadamy. The day was an incredible success with lots of music interspersed with woodland games. It was a real pleasure to work and play with the children from Muirtown school and the day finished with a fun filled show for the mums and teachers. Needless to say we were promptly booked for a repeat event next summer.

outdoor xylophone outdoor xylophone

Click here to visit the singing trees website, or click here for Dunain Community Woodland

Activities week - Hoorah!

Posted 22nd June 2008

A large proportion of our work in May and June has been spent with secondary schools. This has been an absoloute delight as so often secondary schools are restricted with timetables, which means it is often difficult for them to schedule in special activity days. However....with the timetable changeovers and the abundance of 'Activity Weeks' we have had an absolute blast with this age group. A new body percussion piece was developed for the workshops and along with the bad egg jokes (or should that be bad egg yokes! ...sorry) and silly hats we have had some of the most fun we have ever had on a tour. Special thanks to all of the teachers and kids that have made us feel so welcome and appreciated. See you all next year!

Click here to visit our youtube site with lots of body percussion tutorials

Outdoor Xylophones for Wester Ross

Posted 22nd June 2008

During the first week of June, Steve took himself of to the hills of the West Highlands to deliver school garden xylophones to 7 of the primary schools in the region. This was more like a holiday than work! The sun never stopped shining and the peace of the mountains and valleys and the lochs and the forests reminded Steve just why he moved up to the Highlands 10 years ago. The schools were all very pleased with their new instruments and its lovely to know that the hills are alive with the sound of music!

highland xylophoneshighland xylophones highland xylophones

Click here to visit the singing trees website.

Collaboration for UHI teambuild

Posted 27th April 2008

On 16th April Drumfun came to the new Merkinch Community Theatre in Inverness for a fun packed day of learning and team building for the staff of the marketing department of the University of the Highlands and Islands. The team consisted of 25 staff covering a wide range of posistions within the marketing team. The day was co-facilitated by Elsie Normington, life coach and development worker, who did a fantastic job at proccessing the drumming exercises into team generated learnings. It was a great collaboration and a real pleasure to work with Elsie who is such a fantastic facilitator and coach. The day was a huge success and everyone left feeling energised, motivated and valued as part of their team. Many thanks to Alan and Ruth for organising the day and we trust the team spirit and funky grooves generated will serve you well into the future!!

uhi teambuild

Click here to see some of the comments left by the team, and here for Elsie's coaching site.

Local lunch club get a dose of Drumfun!

Posted: 27th April 2008

When I was asked to visit the senior citizens lunch club to talk about my work as a drum circle facilitator, I had no idea that they would turn out to be a bunch of mad for it drummers! How lovely it was to have a group of seniors in their 80's and 90's pounding on the drums and showering the circle with smiles! After the wonderful lunch, I gave a brief talk about my work and how I came to be a full time drum circle facilitator, but it was obvious that this group didn't want to listen, they wanted to play!! After warming them up with the 'egg game' (never fails!!) we all grabbed a drum and off we went into drum circle heaven for the next 30 minutes! One of the staff said that she saw some people smile that she had never seen smile before! .....What a great job this is!!

senior citizens drumming

Fort William School Tour

Posted 4th March 2008

At the end of February, we visited 5 primary schools in Lochaber for follow up workshops from Highland 2007. The schools involved were Invergarry, SPean Bridge, Roy Bridge, Caol and Upper Achintore. A fantastic time was had by all children, and the Upper Achintore P6/7 class were a great way to end the mini tour!- what a blast we had with them!!
We were concentrating mainly on allowing the children to develp their own rhythmical awarness with games involving them making choices of sounds and decisions about where to put their sounds within a rhythm structure. This format worked very nicely and often resulted in a grand finale where the children became a multi percussion ensemble each making up their own rhythms, moves and sounds.... Extremely Groovy!

Many thanks to all of the teachers and children for making it such a great week.

Highland 2007 Showcase

Posted: 12th January 2008

On the 11th January 2008 Happyness Drum Circles showcased some of the drumming workshops they had been involved in with the 'Highland Promise' - the cultural pledge to schools, as part of the Highland Year of Culture.
Steve, Andy and the Primary 6 children from Muirtown Primary School Inverness (The Red Hot Chilli Drummers), took to the stage at Eden Court Theatre and performed their version of a South African Welly Boot Dance followed by a dynamic Drumming performance based on the West African rhythms of Yankade and Makru. The children excelled themselves and they all left the theatre feeling like true stars.
Steve and Sophie from the group got a rare chance to meet up with Scotlands 1st Minister, Mr Alex Salmond, and used the opportunity to give him a few tips on how to play the Drum!

Scotlands first minister on drumScotlands first minister on drum 2
We aim to continue our relationship with the school and in the summer we will be building 2 outdoor garden xylophones for the schools sustainable woodland project. Click here to go to Muirtown Primary school's web site, and here for more information on our outdoor xylophone project.

Drumfun Performance Troupe at Highland Lights Festival

Posted: 12th January 2008

On the 12th January, the Drumfun Djembe troupe braved the sub zero temperatures of a Highland winter's night and played their African Drums for the final celebrations of the Highland Year of Culture at the Highland Lights festival. The band consisted of Steve Sharpe, Henry Fosbrooke, Gavin De Klerk & Fiona Jean on Djembe, and Andrew Davidson on Djun Djun. We got a fantastic response from the crowd and the atmosphere was electric. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces and a fantastic way to say thankyou and goodbye to the Year of Culture.
Click here to view a short video clip of us performing on the night.


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