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primary school drumming workshop primary school drumming workshop primary school drumming workshop primary school drumming workshop primary school drumming workshop primary school drumming workshop primary school drumming workshop

We have been delivering fun, high energy drumming workshops in primary schools throughout Scotland since 2000. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a whole school package so that all children get the opportunity to take part. We can take up to 60 pupils in each workshop. With each workshop lasting anywhere from 30 minutes up to 2 hours, we are usually able to drum with every pupil and member of staff within the school day. Click here for more information on timetabling and logistics .

The workshops usually begin with a warm up game or activity, which often involves body drumming, a bit of dancing and lots of laughter as we break the ice and encourage the children to feel relaxed and confident.
When sufficiently warmed up, we move onto the drums and begin with rumbles and drum rolls in a variety of styles. Often, we give the children the chance to conduct the group rumble which is a fantastic way to build their confidence and also serves to nurture a great team dynamic. After playing a few introductory drumming games, we move onto learning a little about the drums, the way they're played, their different names and their role in traditional African culture.
Towards the end of the workshop, we build on the rhythms learned or created earlier in the session and put them together to create a dynamic and exciting finale.
Our aim is to have fun with the children, and have them leave with a spring in their step and a beat in their hearts as their immersion in rhythm remains with them throughout the rest of the day.
Click here for a list of primary schools that we have worked with in recent years and here for some comments from teachers and pupils .

Here's a couple of short video clips to wet your appetite! Enjoy!
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