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The Highland Council Education, Sport and Leisure Service have used Steve Sharpe and the Happyness Drum Circle on many occasions to run training events for staff pan Highland. Training sessions have been delivered to classroom teachers, PE teachers, Learning Support Auxiliaries and Classroom Assistants. The excellent training delivered has included topics such as body music,rhythm and movement and how these activities can be used with pupils to improve listening skills, hand-eye coordination and concentration. The training is delivered in an enthusiastic and fun way and feedback comments and evaluations are always full of praise with "excellent" being the overall assessment of the training event. Staff are usually enthused by this training and many go back to their schools and incorporate the techniques they have been shown into their practice. Courses run by Happyness Drum Circles are always well attended and places are filled well in advance of the events.
Jane Bains, Development officer, Support for learners, Secondary and Special Schols, Highland council

Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the day. We were put in the position of our pupils, learning something completely new - which we did with great gusto and lots of laughs. Just try passing egg shakers from hand to hand while singing an African song and getting faster and faster! Why did somebody end up with five? Or "passing a rhythm" round the circle, changing direction and passing it back again. It was a stimulating, challenging activity which demanded great concentration, but a wonderful way to spend an in-service day and all staff were very enthusiastic about it.
Avril Lamont, Headteacher Fox Covert Primary, Edinburgh

St. Clements special needs school, October 2008

A great session, well led by Steve. Stress levels have fallen drastically!

Absolutely wonderful, really got me energised, and got us working together as a team.

Steve is a tonic, a real breath of fresh air.

Loosed up and ready to face the new term - great fun.

Come again soon!

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