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welcome to drumfun

Drumfun provides individually tailored, hands on, interactive drumming programmes and workshops for groups and organisations throughout Scotland and the rest of the U.K.

With a large range of drums and percussion instruments from around the world, we bring our energy and passion for drumming to create highly energetic and dynamic workshops for all.

Each drumfun event is a journey into the power that rhythm has to unite, engage and motivate people and organisations to be the best they can.

Call us now to see how Drumfun can inspire positivity in your organisation, school, or community group, or browse through our site to find pictures, videos, testimonials and a whole load more!

2019 and beyond
As we enter 2019 it's with great joy that we celebrate the last 16 years, in which we have led over 4,000 drumming workshops with over 100,000 people throughout Scotland and beyond!

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Drum fun teambuilding drum workshops scotland
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